Monday, 6 August 2012

Since my last post...

I have:

* Been off work poorly with a sore throat and general off 'colourness'. Which gave me time to:

* Read the first of the Fifty Shades of Grey book and move onto the second one. When I first started on Fifty Shades of Grey I thought it was quite gripping and a real page turner. However after the first half I got a bit bored by the indecision of the main character's 'will I sign the contract', 'am I enjoying this', 'he's so attractive but messed up' pondering. So why have I started the second book? Who knows! I'm only skim reading the series so I reckon by the end of this week I'll have finished and the trilogy should be back with my friend who has kindly lent them to me.

* (After feeling better) I went bramble picking yesterday with my Mum & Dad. I live pretty centrally in Manchester (which is amazing after years of commuting from various different sides of town) and near my flats are large wastelands which are fascinating and full of wildlife and foraging opportunities. They are also full of rubbish and general nastiness - but I try to look past that! The brambles are just becoming ready so it was fun filling an enormous bag with all the ripe ones. Weirdly I'm not actually a fan of berries but the fact they are free really impresses me :) My next step is another trip later in the week and to find recipes to do something with them. Any ideas welcome! I'm thinking jam as I can cope with berries when they are all sugared up!

* Got totally up to date yesterday with all my boring paperwork, cleaning and tidying. YES!!


  1. Oh i envy you for getting all of your paper work done etc. I still have heaps ugh lol

    anyways, im a new follower :)

  2. Thanks for following & I hope you get all your paperwork done! I've just hopped over to your blog & am now a follower :) x


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