Monday, 30 July 2012

LOVE YOUR SKIN - LONDON, shopping code

Latest in Beauty have just sent round a code for new company:  Love Your Skin - London. It gives you 30% off and free postage on online orders. The code is LIB30E.

I'm currently trying to hold myself back from using it! Their website is: I've had a quick look and the cheapest items are from the body range and start at £12.99. If I wasn't trying to save for a month or so I'd be straight there!!

Leanne x

Monday, 23 July 2012

Big spender

So as mentioned on my post yesterday - I've been doing a fair amount of spending recently. The most recent two boxes to arrive at my desk were from Latest in Beauty and REN

I'd never heard of REN until I saw it as a freebie pack on a magazine this month, and then  again mentioned on Em's Mixed Bag. However due to the fact they are offering 10% off for first time orders, four free samples and a best of box set free of charge I wasn't able to resist. Here's what I got:

I was a little bit disappointed by the size of the shampoo. The picture doesn't really show it very well but it only appears to be a holiday size. I'm used to 200 - 300ml bottles of shampoo and didn't clock that this was only a 100ml bottle. Also in the box set one of the items was leaking. I didn't know whether to return it or not?

Onto my Latest in Beauty goodies. I've used Latest in Beauty for ages. I love getting their 'free' box every month. Though this month there seems to be a shortage of new samples, so I'm holding on to order until they get some fresh stuff in. For that reason I ended up ordering from the 'pay' part of website. Here's the goodies I purchased...

I'm using a selection of these items to make up a personalised beauty box for my sister's Birthday at the start of August. I don't think she looks at my blog very often so hopefully I'll manage to keep it a secret until then!

Have you tried REN or do you use Latest in Beauty? x

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ebay beauty bonanza!

Due to the fact that I've been going a bit mental recently buying lots and lots of new beauty products I decided the only way I could justify the spending is to have an ebay sale of all my old stuff. You can find my big clear out here. Not that I'm biased or anything (!) but there's some really good stuff, including samples galore, a swish DKNY bag, oh and a pair of Dr Dre headphones, which are nothing to do with me, but my boyfriend who is kindly selling everything for me. Here's a few pictures of the items for sale...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Liz Earle in Leeds Part Two

I promised to put up some pictures of my purchases from the Liz Earle evening. Here they are:

I know I know - I went crazy! I keep feeling guilty about buying so much stuff. I think it was the combination of the free flowing bubbly and the excitement of being surrounded by just so much Liz Earle stuff! However I did also get some free stuff...

Mascara and eyeliner from the new make up range.

Free bag for spending £60 - gulp! I've been wearing it every since. It looks great with my summer denim jacket and its so useful as its packed with pockets for storing everything.

Pictures that should have been posts!

When I'm out and about doing things or making purchases, I always think 'I should do a blog post about this!', I take a picture and then never get round to it. Below are lots of pictures and brief descriptions of what should have been posts...

A while ago I decided to have a mini clear out of nail varnishes, instead of just putting them straight in my car boot/charity shop bag I thought it would be fun to do a nail varnish swop with my friend. Above are the lovely new ones I have to add to my collection after the swop. Most of them are brand new. Swopping is a great idea if you have a friend (like mine!) who can't resist buying new nail varnishes but then only wears them a couple of times. I'm definitely guilty of doing that!

Over the jubilee week I was in Belgium for a holiday. I couldn't resist having a look round for make up we can't get here. Above are my purchases. The Catrice nail varnish (the metallic looking one on the left) is also reviewed here by The Sunday Girl. It was very disappointing as it looked lovely in the bottle but once applied it looked a horrible gold colour which is never a tone that suits my pale skin colour. 

So far I've tried both nail varnishes, the nude lipstick, magnet for with magnetic nail varnishes, quick dry liquid for with nail varnish and the yellow eyeliner. I'm yet to try the eyeshadows. Out of those purchases I'm very happy with the purple polish, quick dry liquid and nude lipstick, the rest are just average. However I'm not too worried as the whole haul came in at under 12 Euros.

Ages ago Burts Bees had a sale on where you could get a mystery bag for £20. The picture above shows what I received. So far I've given some of the items away, used most of the bath cream and am yet to use the body lotions. I was very pleased with the bag especially as I had a discount code to use!

Finally M&S have a fantastic make up range out as part of the Limited Collection. I think its limited (hence the name!) so get it while you can. The pressed powder is great - I've been using it for a few weeks now. The nail polish is thick and gives full coverage in two coats. The only thing I'm on the fence about is the eyeshadow. The middle green colour is lovely but lends to crease. The other two shades are 'hard' in the tub and no amount of rubbing my applicator across them brings the colour off & onto to my on my eyelid.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Astral Cream

In April I purchased a mini tub of Astral to try out. It was 59p for a tiny tub (see my April post) and I thought it looked like a good all round moisturiser.

My first impressions weren't great. It had the smell of an old lady cream and was really thick and greasy. I tried to using it in the morning before applying make up and it was just too heavy; my make up slid round rather than staying put. Not being one to give up I started using it as a night cream. It worked okay but I prefer a face cream that feels like its 'soaked' in rather than staying as a layer on my face.

Astral markets itself as 'all over moisturiser' so I guess its not just to use on your face. I didn't fancy using it on the rest of my body due to the smell but I think it could be helpful on really dry spots or to target specific places such as your feet.

I've just finished the tub and don't think I'll be buying it again. However one thing to point is that they also do an Astral Light and Creamy range which may be a real improvement on the original. I think I'll give it a go if they do a mini size as the price is so reasonable. x

Astral website

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Liz Earle event - Leeds

So as expected a fantastic time was had in Leeds last night at the Liz Earle/Grazia event.

The excitement started with a queue outside the Liz Earle shop, trying to look indifferent, cool and aloof we managed to stand back for around, oh,  5 minutes until we saw the rush of the first guests being let and then it was go go go and straight to take our place with everyone else!

The shop itself is lovely, I've only ever been to the Liz Earle concession in John Lewis before so having a whole shop of Liz Earle goodness was a treat, and to see lots of items I'd only ever seen on the website was also a bonus. We collected our first glass of bubbly as we entered and were given our £20 ticket to redeem on purchases later in the evening.

My big sis enjoying her first glass of bubbly!

Then it was upstairs where we got to enter a draw to win more products and start looking round the store. Me being an old woman desperately needed the toilet so one of the kind assistants took me downstairs to use one in the spa area. And what a toilet it was! Well not exactly the toilet, more the range of Liz Earle products to use afterwards! Quite a smooth move really as after using the hand wash I then went on to purchase it later in the evening!

My excursion to the toilet meant I missed the arrival of Liz herself and start of the demonstration. So having to creep in late was a bit embarrassing and meant we were stuck behind a pillar for most of it. However I did manage to stretch and get a couple of pictures...

Make up being applied to an already flawless looking shop assistant
Liz herself looking fantastic (the pillar doesn't look too bad either!)

Liz is pretty amazing, you can tell why she's as popular as she is and so successful, she really knows how to appeal to everyone with her passion for her products, friendly demeanour  and ease in front of a crowd. 

The main aim of the evening was to launch the new make up range, hence the demonstration. I have to say that for me the make up range is too subtle (I'm more of a Barry M girl myself) but I can see the quality of it and the amount being sold at the evening testified to its popularity and success! Also the range is perfect for the Liz Earle brand which is definitely at the opposite end of the make up spectrum to Barry M!

 The make up counter
 Store shot!
For me the real treat of the evening was to purchase lots of new bath time products rather than the make up.

Another post will be coming in the next day or so to document exactly what I bought and what I think of the items as there's too much to put here!

After the demonstration we got to mingle, drink more bubbly and shop to our heart's content. We both ended up spending way more than expected but I think secretly we both knew we would! The end of the evening also signified GOODY BAG time! Again I'll have to keep you waiting for what was in the goody bag but lets just say I was more than happy!

 Then it was back to Manchester on the train with just my shopping to keep me company...

Thanks Liz Earle/Grazia! x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Liz Earle in Leeds

Very excited to be heading off to Leeds tonight to attend this Liz Earle/Grazia magazine event:

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the 50 guests and have roped in my big sister to attend with me. We will hopefully be supping on bubbly whilst getting to see Liz Earle in the flesh (will she be as radiant in person as in the photos??). Details of my purchases and the rumoured goodie bag to follow...

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