Friday, 10 August 2012

Bye Bye Beekeeping

I've had a little blog spruce up today as I realised my blog blurb mentioned that it was a place to talk about starting beekeeping. Unfortunately that adventure is now over. I handed in my beekeeping notice this week.

I had great hopes of looking after my own hive and being a top beekeeper but after completely the training and fortnightly trips to Heaton Park I realised that wasn't going to be the case. There are a few reasons I decided to quit.

Firstly I was struggling. I came to understand that I didn't have the same passion other people had and I was starting to dread attending each week.

I couldn't lift the brood boxes and frames without my feeble arms shaking.

I wasn't taking in all the information about laying patterns, swarm control and disease management.

I was still scared of the bees and hurting them or worrying they would sting me.

I found out that in my heart of hearts I think bees should be left to do their own thing and not be interferred with, apart from by trained professionals. I honestly believe that it should be regulated hobby, people should at least complete their first BBKA exams before owning them.

The people at Heaton Park are doing a brilliant job trying to educated and train people and I have nothing but good things to say about my time attending the Monday night sessions. Plus I wish all my fellow beekeepers at Manchester Art Gallery the best for their bees and I hope to occasionally post updates about them on this blog.

For any aspiring beekeepers out there I would definitely say 'give it a go' but before you do I'd recommend reading a few books/blogs on the subject to get a feel of what's involved. Good Luck!



  1. Aw, that's a shame Leanne! I was really enjoying our bee-related jokes. But, wait, these don't necessarily have to stop, right? :-D

  2. I'm still going to be kept posted on how the Manchester Art Gallery bees are and will pass on all my kit/bit of knowledge to whoever takes on the bees at the gallery.

    And yes the bee-related jokes definitely have to continue!! x


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