Monday, 26 November 2012

Half Price YOU Beauty Advent Calendar

An email has just popped into my inbox from Latest in Beauty to tell me that the YOU Beauty Advent Calendar is now half price.

If you enter the code: EX2649 at this address you can purchase it for £29.98 + £2.95 postage. A total bargain at £32.93.

However, as much I want to spread the exciting news about this offer. I have to say it has left a very bad taste in my mouth and I feel a bit upset with Latest in Beauty. 

I asked for the advent calendar as my Birthday present and have been looking forward to opening it on 1st December. Knowing that my boyfriend forked out nearly £60 when he could have bought it today for half that price is gutting. Plus it would have still arrived in time for the start of December and my Birthday so it turns out there was no incentive for making the purchase so early.

I know companies will reduce the price of items once Christmas is over but this is even before the start of advent!

I'm currently looking into whether I can return the advent calendar to take advantage of the half price offer and am about to send Latest in Beauty an upset email.

On a separate note; Latest in Beauty also made out that if you bought it early you got free postage which was also a bit of a con. I've never seen it for sale yet without free postage on offer (or at least a code to get free postage on it). 

Gutted :(


  1. Thanks for this, babe!

    followed you!
    The Misty Mom

  2. I was really upset by this too. They'd have been better making it cost less in the first place. x

    1. Exactly - if they can sell it now for half price and still make a profit then it would have made sense to have it cheaper in the first place and got more sales!

      I've had an email back from Latest in Beauty saying the offer is just for VIPs but it is clearly available for anyone to use! x

  3. the code was for one use only
    cant wait to open mine, would have been gutted if i had paid £60 for it like yourself though.
    it wasnt worth 60 to me as i cant use half of it, but they will be good as stocking fillers.
    (havent recieved mine yet so at least you have yours to open tomorrow)

    1. Have started opening it and have so far liked everything. But still feel a bit miffed that I didn't get it half price! Oh well! Hope you enjoy yours and its now arrived :)

  4. Great post!


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