Monday, 23 July 2012

Big spender

So as mentioned on my post yesterday - I've been doing a fair amount of spending recently. The most recent two boxes to arrive at my desk were from Latest in Beauty and REN

I'd never heard of REN until I saw it as a freebie pack on a magazine this month, and then  again mentioned on Em's Mixed Bag. However due to the fact they are offering 10% off for first time orders, four free samples and a best of box set free of charge I wasn't able to resist. Here's what I got:

I was a little bit disappointed by the size of the shampoo. The picture doesn't really show it very well but it only appears to be a holiday size. I'm used to 200 - 300ml bottles of shampoo and didn't clock that this was only a 100ml bottle. Also in the box set one of the items was leaking. I didn't know whether to return it or not?

Onto my Latest in Beauty goodies. I've used Latest in Beauty for ages. I love getting their 'free' box every month. Though this month there seems to be a shortage of new samples, so I'm holding on to order until they get some fresh stuff in. For that reason I ended up ordering from the 'pay' part of website. Here's the goodies I purchased...

I'm using a selection of these items to make up a personalised beauty box for my sister's Birthday at the start of August. I don't think she looks at my blog very often so hopefully I'll manage to keep it a secret until then!

Have you tried REN or do you use Latest in Beauty? x


  1. I also took advantage of the REN offer, the six of the best looks great! but be careful, have you tried the omega3 night serum yet? mine had gone off! :( I recommend to try it straight away..

  2. Oh no - that's rubbish, I didn't check, but do they have use by dates marked on? I'll have a look tonight and make sure I use any that are nearly up. One of mine was leaking so that's also one to start on asap, thanks for the info :)

  3. Oh my god thank you for sharing both of these!!! I had no idea that Latest in Beauty site even existed so I just signed up straight away! I've been really interested in trying some REN stuff as well and that offer has really tempted me... yay thank you :)

  4. Glad it was useful - I love Latest in Beauty! I've not started using my REN stuff but am looking forward to working my way through it soon :)

  5. REN Rose Otto Bath Oil is my holy grail product. Love Latest in Beauty too x

  6. That sounds lovely, I must try it at some point :)


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