Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Offers and purchases...

Over the last few weeks I've been taking advantage of the British Gas free swim offer which I've been meaning to mention on the blog. If you register your details, select your local pool and a date that suits, you can then go for a free swim for up to two adults, twice!. The offer ends tomorrow BUT if you register today or tomorrow you can still select dates going into September.

It's been made all the more awesome by the fact that I was able to select the pool nearest to me, which only happens to be in the Beetham Tower/Hilton Hotel on Deansgate, Manchester! I'd love to be able to show you pictures of the sheer luxury of it all but cameras aren't allowed (understandably). 

The pool itself isn't that big but its lovely and clean and features a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.You also get a towel provided and a bag to take home your soggy swim wear :) The second amazing thing is that it has glass panels in the bottom looking onto the hotel reception and is glass paneled all the way round the room so you can look out onto the Manchester skyline (or sunset as I saw last night).

My second top tip for bargains is via Stylist magazine (the freebie magazine that you get at stations if you are a commuter) and is for 50% off online orders at the Body Shop. The code is ES40 and runs until 4th September 2012.

Final tip is for REN skincare (honestly I'm not sponsoring them or anything!). I've just purchased a new shower gel and used code: HAIRCARE to receive a free shampoo and conditioner, along with 2 x free mini samples. I'm looking forward to receiving a parcel from them in the next day or so :)

Off the subject of online offers and onto my trip out at lunchtime today to Superdrug, here's what I got... (excuse the shaky camera phone shot - I was just so excited to share!)

Its the GOSH holographic hero nail polish, £4.99. I'd read about it ages ago and tried to find it on ebay but it was ridiculously expensive and I didn't have the time or money to spend tracking it down. 

I also bought the Me Me Me Arch Angel brow kit, £7.50. I saw it when I was working through my blog reading earlier (sorry I can't remember which blog it was on!) and the results looked great. You use one end on your actual brow and the highlighter end underneath your brow to lighten and brighten the eye area. Can't wait to try it later.

So much for my 'I'm not buying anymore toiletries' stance I took a couple of weeks ago! x


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