Friday, 17 August 2012

Bramble bashing!

A post or so ago I mentioned I'd been bramble picking. Well not one to resist free stuff I've been back a few times since and found myself with a fridge full of brambles:

Last night I decided to do something with them all and found this recipe online for making bramble jelly using only blackberries (not sure what the difference between blackberries and brambles are??), lemon and sugar:

It promised to be 'quick' in the title so I thought 'yes - this is something I can start at nearly 9 o'clock at night and be done by 10!' Ha - as if!

The basis idea was to simmer them, add the sugar and lemon, rapidly boil then sieve them into a hot bowl. Once the sieved mixture was in the hot bowl you could decant it into sterilized jars....

This sort of went to plan with the exception of it not taking an hour and ending up with my kitchen resembling a murder scene...(that's not my foot by the way, its my boyfriend's. My toes are much nicer!)

The end product does not have a jam consistency. It's more like a strawberry sauce to go on ice cream. But it does taste nice. So a jar is heading off to give my sister when I see her tonight whether she wants it or not! She's getting the better jar of the two, we'll use up the messy one!
Have you had any jam disasters, any tips on how I can get my jam to set (if I ever put myself through jam making again!) x


  1. Brilliant! We were picking up blackberries this weekend, and made a lovely apple and blackberry crumble... but we've still got loads of the murderous berries, so I think a jam it's on its way! xxxxx

  2. There's just so many brambles around at the moment its hard to resist picking them! If you are making a similar jam apparently adding apple chunks is good for making sure it sets properly. Ours didn't but it still tastes nice in its runny form!! x


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