Thursday, 10 January 2013

Superdrug bargains and a couple of random pics...

I was in Superdrug the other day (okay so I'm in Superdrug about three times a week since there's one only five minutes away from my work...) and spotted a 10p sale! It would have been rude to walk away without buying something so I picked up these bits and pieces. Two MUA nail polishes (one is great, the other is a bit dried out) and a hair clip for my face mask times at home!

In December I also sent off my first Flavrbox:

I got it using a half price code taking the price down to £10. I thought it was okay but not something I would subscribe to regularly as I found the products didn't really fit into my usual food consumption, so there's still quite a lot of them hanging around my kitchen! 

There were two boxes of crackers which I'm struggling to use. Some chocolates that are still in my fridge (they were chocolate covered fruit - I'd rather just have chocolate!) and a tin of rub that you can use on meat.

The thing I really liked was the jar of red pepper sauce which I finished this using this week and was very tasty with both cheese and on sandwiches.

For £20 a month I'd definitely rather go out for a meal or buy myself some nice luxury products of my choice!

I also bought this last week for 99p:

It's definitely only worth 99p! The two books were pretty poor, most of the recipes aren't really recipes at all - things such as 'how about making chocolate dipped strawberries with Cadbury Dairy Milk'! I also thought the magazine on the front was a proper magazine with more recipes, turns out it was just a leaflet trying to get you to subscribe to the rest of the series of cookbooks, no thanks! 
Did anyone else buy it? What are your thoughts on it?? x


  1. love the nail polish colour x

  2. Its gorgeous isn't it - and worked out at only 5p each!! :)


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