Saturday, 5 January 2013

Chickpea and chorizo stew with roasted squash

The two things I love in life are pampering and eating. So while I see this blog as mainly about beauty, occasionally I like to throw in an odd recipe. Over the Christmas break I did manage to create a couple of dishes that I'll be doing again and didn't take too long.

Chickpea and chorizo stew (from Nigel Slater, link here)

3 onions chopped roughly
2 carrots chopped roughly
Garlic chopped up (as much as you want!)
Chorizo chopped into chunky pieces (again as much as you want!)
Tin of chickpeas
Tin of chopped tomatoes
500g of water (or roughly 2 x tins filled with water)
Olive oil

1. Start by heating up the olive oil and softening the onions, add in the garlic and then the carrots, cook these through for around 5-10mins
2. Put in a teaspoon of paprika
3. Then add in the drained chickpeas, tin of chopped tomatoes, the water and chorizo
 4. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer for around 45mins - 1 hour.
 Serve with crusty bread or like I did with roasted squash...
The roasted squash recipe is adapted from this one by Jamie Oliver and was a quick and simple to make. I think I made it a bit too spicy so I'd go easy on the dried chilli if you are using it!

Any other good chorizo recipes you can recommend? x

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