Friday, 4 January 2013

Another reason why I love REN...

This is turning into a bit of a REN love in isn't it?

BUT I just wanted to flag up a good REN experience I had during December.

I had ordered a REN gift set for my friend's Christmas present knowing that she also loves their products as much as me. However when the gift set arrived the box was a bit bashed up, and inside the plastic holding it together was ripped. I was worried she could get a nasty cut when opening it up (plus it didn't look very nice for a present).

Here is a picture of the damage at the bottom of the box:

So I emailed REN and asked if I could either send it back and get an exchange or just sent it back and get a refund. 

They did one better than that, emailing to say they would dispatch another gift set that day via recorded delivery free of charge!

So both me and my friend got to have a REN Christmas after all! :-)
Turns out though when we finally exchanged presents my friend clearly knows me too well and had picked this for me...

More REN loveliness! 

Finally and slightly off the subject and only because I've just come across this picture when finding the REN ones, here is my Mum & Dad's present to me for my Birthday just before Christmas, new Liz Earle goodies!
 I feel lots of reviews coming on! x


  1. I got that REN set for Christmas love the bath oil and body oil. x

  2. Not started using it yet - it looks too nice to open! x

  3. I love Liz Earle products especially the mosituriser!I came across your blog recently and love it.

    1. Thank you - I've just found your blog and am now following! Hope you enjoy blogging more this time :)

  4. I had the REN day fluid last year, and loved it! I might have to invest in some more REN products, they're so nice- my mum has the eye gel and I sometimes use it, and it's amazing.
    Have you heard of Jurlique? That's another premium skincare brand that is incredible, but a bit less well-known.
    Thanks for following! I've followed back.
    Katie xx

    1. I've not heard of Jurlique but will check it out - thanks for the recommendation! I've definitely got a bit of a problem with REN - it seems to be the only brand I'm using at the moment :)


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