Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pictures that should have been posts!

When I'm out and about doing things or making purchases, I always think 'I should do a blog post about this!', I take a picture and then never get round to it. Below are lots of pictures and brief descriptions of what should have been posts...

A while ago I decided to have a mini clear out of nail varnishes, instead of just putting them straight in my car boot/charity shop bag I thought it would be fun to do a nail varnish swop with my friend. Above are the lovely new ones I have to add to my collection after the swop. Most of them are brand new. Swopping is a great idea if you have a friend (like mine!) who can't resist buying new nail varnishes but then only wears them a couple of times. I'm definitely guilty of doing that!

Over the jubilee week I was in Belgium for a holiday. I couldn't resist having a look round for make up we can't get here. Above are my purchases. The Catrice nail varnish (the metallic looking one on the left) is also reviewed here by The Sunday Girl. It was very disappointing as it looked lovely in the bottle but once applied it looked a horrible gold colour which is never a tone that suits my pale skin colour. 

So far I've tried both nail varnishes, the nude lipstick, magnet for with magnetic nail varnishes, quick dry liquid for with nail varnish and the yellow eyeliner. I'm yet to try the eyeshadows. Out of those purchases I'm very happy with the purple polish, quick dry liquid and nude lipstick, the rest are just average. However I'm not too worried as the whole haul came in at under 12 Euros.

Ages ago Burts Bees had a sale on where you could get a mystery bag for £20. The picture above shows what I received. So far I've given some of the items away, used most of the bath cream and am yet to use the body lotions. I was very pleased with the bag especially as I had a discount code to use!

Finally M&S have a fantastic make up range out as part of the Limited Collection. I think its limited (hence the name!) so get it while you can. The pressed powder is great - I've been using it for a few weeks now. The nail polish is thick and gives full coverage in two coats. The only thing I'm on the fence about is the eyeshadow. The middle green colour is lovely but lends to crease. The other two shades are 'hard' in the tub and no amount of rubbing my applicator across them brings the colour off & onto to my on my eyelid.

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