Thursday, 5 July 2012

Liz Earle event - Leeds

So as expected a fantastic time was had in Leeds last night at the Liz Earle/Grazia event.

The excitement started with a queue outside the Liz Earle shop, trying to look indifferent, cool and aloof we managed to stand back for around, oh,  5 minutes until we saw the rush of the first guests being let and then it was go go go and straight to take our place with everyone else!

The shop itself is lovely, I've only ever been to the Liz Earle concession in John Lewis before so having a whole shop of Liz Earle goodness was a treat, and to see lots of items I'd only ever seen on the website was also a bonus. We collected our first glass of bubbly as we entered and were given our £20 ticket to redeem on purchases later in the evening.

My big sis enjoying her first glass of bubbly!

Then it was upstairs where we got to enter a draw to win more products and start looking round the store. Me being an old woman desperately needed the toilet so one of the kind assistants took me downstairs to use one in the spa area. And what a toilet it was! Well not exactly the toilet, more the range of Liz Earle products to use afterwards! Quite a smooth move really as after using the hand wash I then went on to purchase it later in the evening!

My excursion to the toilet meant I missed the arrival of Liz herself and start of the demonstration. So having to creep in late was a bit embarrassing and meant we were stuck behind a pillar for most of it. However I did manage to stretch and get a couple of pictures...

Make up being applied to an already flawless looking shop assistant
Liz herself looking fantastic (the pillar doesn't look too bad either!)

Liz is pretty amazing, you can tell why she's as popular as she is and so successful, she really knows how to appeal to everyone with her passion for her products, friendly demeanour  and ease in front of a crowd. 

The main aim of the evening was to launch the new make up range, hence the demonstration. I have to say that for me the make up range is too subtle (I'm more of a Barry M girl myself) but I can see the quality of it and the amount being sold at the evening testified to its popularity and success! Also the range is perfect for the Liz Earle brand which is definitely at the opposite end of the make up spectrum to Barry M!

 The make up counter
 Store shot!
For me the real treat of the evening was to purchase lots of new bath time products rather than the make up.

Another post will be coming in the next day or so to document exactly what I bought and what I think of the items as there's too much to put here!

After the demonstration we got to mingle, drink more bubbly and shop to our heart's content. We both ended up spending way more than expected but I think secretly we both knew we would! The end of the evening also signified GOODY BAG time! Again I'll have to keep you waiting for what was in the goody bag but lets just say I was more than happy!

 Then it was back to Manchester on the train with just my shopping to keep me company...

Thanks Liz Earle/Grazia! x

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