Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So beekeeping then?

I'm going to sneak in a bit of info from my work blog here as an introduction to my starts of beekeeping. But before I do here is the first picture to go my my blog and its of me in my 'keeping suit!

I've been lucky enough to start my beekeeping journey (and I say start, I'm probably only about a month in!) through work. I became interested in bees after watching the film ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ and reading the book ‘A World Without Bees’. I didn't think a year later I'd be suited up approaching a hive!

Since I started it seems that bees are everywhere. Its spring so lots of bumble bees are flying around. There was recently a programme on African bees on BBC 2, they were in the Guardian a couple of days ago and as I've been doing a lot of internet searches on bee blogs they are all over my computer!

I'm based in Manchester so eventually my hive will be near to Rusholme. However before that, here is where the first colony of bees will be that I'm helping out with:

Yes on top of a roof in Manchester! I feel a bit sorry for the bees when you look across the skyline and don't see any greenery! They are going to be stretching their wings to get to any flowers.

As this post has got a bit lengthy I'm going to follow it up with one on my training at Heaton Park shortly.


  1. Have you ever done a Google search for "beekeeping suits"? I can't get enough of the awkward family photos such as...this one! http://www.beebasic.co.uk/


  2. Amazing! I think we should recreate that image at the next session :)


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