Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My first beauty post!

So far all I've mentioned is bees and blogging but here is my first bit of beauty stuff...


For years all I used on my face was Boots essential range moisturiser in fragrance free. But after subscribing to Glossybox and Latest in Beauty about a year ago I ended up with loads of moisturiser samples. 

Enthusiastically I started using them to which my face said 'uh oh - what's this? Get it OFF!' and in rebellion my face went rash-y and sore. I asked my Mum for suggestions of something really gentle and cheap to use to get it back normal. She suggested Nivea soft and ever since I've been hooked. 

On Monday I was in Manchester Superdrug (so much better and larger than the one opposite work where I spend a lot of my lunch break!) and picked up the following...

The tubes of Nivea soft were only £1 each and I had to restrain myself from buying about 10. However you might notice I sneaked in a cute tub of Astral. Something I've never used before. It was 59p for the tub - so I figured for that price I could risk it and then reuse the tub for putting in other sachet samples. I loved its retro packaging and the tiny tub. I'll be doing another blog post at some point reviewing what I thought of it.

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