Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday Nights at Heaton Park...

After my initial training at Heaton Park in March I've now started attending the follow on Monday night sessions.

The introduction was last night where we got to register and sign up for a group. Due to the high numbers they've decided that they can only let us attend every other week. I officially start on 30th April. There are four groups which you help out with in rotation. These are:

  • Extraction (getting the honey from the frames)
  • Checking the bees (what everyone wants to do!)
  • Microscopy (checking for diseases and doing scientific stuff I guess...)
  • Cleaning tools and maintenance 
I think my favourites (weirdly) are going to be extraction and cleaning tools/maintenance. I'm still a bit scared of the bee part so I need to be forced out there with them to overcome this! I like cleaning (in moderation) and like the extraction as you get to be around lots of honey and wear a silly catering hat!

In terms of getting our bees for work we are now on call until May. This means they could arrive any time from today until May and we have to drive to collect them. Ours are coming from Lincolnshire. They will then live on the Manchester roof top and I'll go along once a week to help out with them. I hope they adapt okay from rural to city living! 

FINALLY - I nearly forgot the most exciting news...I've now got my own bee suit!! :-)

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