Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday round up

A quick Sunday round up...

My Latest in Beauty advent calendar taking pride of place on the kitchen table, I can't wait to start opening on 1st December. It's actually my Birthday present (which is on 19th December) and I think getting 24 days of presents is even better than just one on the day. I've deliberately not looked closely at the picture of the goodies inside that I've seen online so I can be surprised :)

I finished using this tub of Body Butter Duo Vanilla from The Body Shop yesterday. I don't think I'd recommend it as a body moisturiser, it has two sides: one for normal skin and one for dry skin. Both were very greasy and smelly and took some rubbing into my body. I have very dry skin so was disappointed that it didn't help me more. It's not put me off trying other Body Shop moisturisers though as I've other good experiences of their products previous to this one.

Yet more free stuff! I heard about American Apparel giving away free polishes through another blog and as I don't work near to an AA I had to send my boyfriend to pick it up for me. He chose well and I've been wearing the navy shade (Passport Blue if you were wondering) since! Thanks Mike :)


  1. ooohhh im so jealous of the advent calendar... it looks fab!! x

  2. Thank you! Nearly time to start opening it :)


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