Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ojon offer - TODAY!

So you've probably seen this on various other blogs (I know I have!) but if you go to your nearest Ojon stockist and take an empty shampoo or conditioner bottle, fill out your name and email address, you will receive a full size Ojon shampoo and conditioner FREE!

I walked into Manchester this morning (getting very hot and bothered in the process as it has gone  super mild and I was still dressed for the thick of winter!) as the big Boots stocks Ojon. The store opened at 8am, I got there at around 8.30am and there was already a mini queue! I think there are 8000 free bottles nationwide so I don't think they will last long but its definitely worth a go if you have a stockist nearby.

The bottles both have their barcode crossed out with marker pen which I assume is to prevent resale but I'll be keeping hold of mine to use after I finish my Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner :)

Speaking of Liz Earle I also noticed that the new concession has opened in the Manchester Boots which looks lovely. If you can use your advantage card points to pay that's even more exciting as I've got around £35 in points at the moment and was wondering what to do with them! I couldn't stop to look as I had to get to work (hence the 'on desk' shot above!)  but I'll probably head back in later this week to have a good browse.

Have you taken advantage of the Ojon offer? Is it a brand you recommend?


  1. The Arndale sold out at about quarter past 9 :(
    I went in at about 11, and so left empty handed, but I think the lady felt sorry for me and gave me a few samples of the hair mask haha. Do let me know what you think when you've used it a little :)

    1. Crikey - that's crazy! Originally I was planning on going after work but I'm glad I ended up going before.

      Sorry to hear you missed out, that's so frustrating when you've made a special trip. Glad you got some samples instead though :)

      Will put a review up of the shampoo and conditioner when I get chance. I've tried it once and it was really nice though! x


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