Sunday, 28 October 2012

The good and bad by my bath...

There are two products currently at the side of my bath which couldn't be more opposite! The first which I love is REN Seaweed and Sage body wash. The second is L'Oreal Perfect Clean foaming cream wash which I really dont.

REN Seaweed and Sage body wash:

I started using this last night as a bubble bath. I used around four 'squirts' which I found to be a bit too much, this info cheered me up as it means it will last longer than expected. The bathroom was filled with a lovely relaxing fragrance which made me feel very chilled out. The water felt softer and there was a nice amount of bubbles to soak in. Definitely a winner :)

L'Oreal Perfect Clean foaming cream wash:

It's always seems easier to talk about things you don't like rather than those you do. And this is rubbish! I don't really like L'Oreal normally but I was tempted to buy this as I had a voucher which made it extremely cheap. I've been using it after taking off my make up in the bath and its so drying. Despite the fact it markets itself as a 'cream' wash it definitely isn't. It comes out of the bottle looking like hand soap you would get in a toilets. There isn't much of a smell and leaves my skin feeling dry and wrinkled.

It also comes with a ridiculous contraption called a 'scrublet' which sounds much too similar to a 'scrubber' for my liking. I used it a couple of times when I first started using the wash and found it make no difference whatsoever.

I'm not one to give up when I start something so I'll probably use it until the end of the bottle (daft I know) but I'm really looking forward to using a nicer less abrasive facial wash/cleanser soon.


  1. I've tried the L'oreal face wash before and didn't like it either. I did like the little tool that came with it and actually still have it!

  2. What do you use it with now? I did wonder whether to keep it or not as it seemed a shame to throw it away but I wasn't sure what I'd do with it! x


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