Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Its happened again!

Since I discovered blogs they've been a huge part of life, especially the reading side of blogging. Its now rare for me to go a day without reading through my favourite blogger's new posts and finding out what they are up to, or the products they are using and recommending. In fact, I'd go as far as saying I'm more interested in reading my blogging feed than my Facebook feed most of the time!

In my last post I was lamenting the loss of Google Reader to read my blogs and how I'd found a new alternative - The Old Reader. Well today I discovered that The Old Reader is closing its doors (well, website) to new users such as myself as they can't cope with demand. 

This put me in yet another mini panic and I've had to find another alternative. I don't like Bloglovin' as it only brings up the header of each blog post and not the full thing. I like to read my blog as a continuous feed (a bit like a magazine) without extra clicking!

My new new alternative is:  InoReader it seems very similar to The Old Reader and transferring my subscriptions took less than ten minutes! I'll be trialling it for the next couple of weeks to see what I think. So far I'd recommend it - especially if like me you're not a fan of Bloglovin' and like slightly clunky old school RSS feeds!

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  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my hand problem. It's pretty dishearting and sore :( Sorry to read about your elbow but im glad it gets better with time and rest.
    I will see my doctor on monday and I reckon I will have to start wearing a brace. xx


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