Friday, 8 February 2013

Life without make up...

I thought I'd draw attention to a blog post I particularly enjoyed reading this morning. In it Rosie from A Rosie Outlook talks about going without make up and how her skin was better before she started wearing it. She also discusses how it has become such a big part of her life (link here).

Judging by the comments its obviously an issue close to lots of people's hearts and I also commented. I've put my comment below so you can see my thoughts on the subject but do have a look at the post and see what you think.

"This is a great post and looking at all the comments its obviously something that a lot of people also have issues with or thoughts about. I've been wearing make up since I was in my early teens, and am now 31 so can't really remember life without it!

I wear make up everyday and occasionally when I don't, I get asked if I'm not feeling well or a bit run down.

I'm happy to carry on wearing make up as I enjoy the 10 mins I spend putting it on, its not a chore like say, the 10 minutes brushing my teeth at night is!!

However there is a lot to be said for not getting into the habit of wearing make up, I know lots of older ladies who I work with that have never wore make up and look fantastic without it and have aged better than those who have. I guess its just what makes you comfortable.

If I didn't enjoy make up and putting it on I'd definitely stop wearing it and people would just have to get used to me looking unwell! It would also give me at least 20 minutes a day extra in bed!

Maybe that's the real reason people who don't wear make up age and look better, they just get extra sleep!!"


  1. I know what you're talking about. I didn't wear makeup till I was 19 or so. Now I can't imagine stepping outdoors without some kind of makeup. Maybe I wouldn't wear it if I had great skin and looked better.
    Following your blog. When you have a moment, do drop by mine -

  2. Thank you - I've just been over to your blog and really like it so I'm now following :)

  3. Ha-ha, if you put together all those 20 minutes of sleep a day, that can make a huge difference;-)))

  4. Definitely! Just hopped over to your blog and am now following :)


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