Monday, 14 May 2012

It's been a while - sorry!

I should have realised that starting a blog at the same time as moving was a bad idea! Plus in between numerous trips to IKEA/Argos/Home Bargains(!)/Sainsburys/etc I've been trying to do the odd bit of beekeeping, keep up the beauty maintenance/go to work and fit in showing people round the new flat.

However I've decided that as its a new week and I've got lots of pictures on my phone from various activities I should restart blogging.

The first exciting thing that happened over weekend was being a winner from a competition on another blog that I'd completely forgotten about. I love We Were Raised By Wolves and this is the exciting haul that I've won:

(piccie from:

Also I recently attended a beauty course at Ministry of Craft (Fred Aldous, Manchester) which I look forward to writing a post about. The course was entitled 'beautiful bath and body products' and another session is taking place in July if you are based in the Manchester area. More on this to come....

Finally I took advantage of the Burts Bees grab bag that I've seen on lots of other blogs talking about. It was even better value for me as I used the Glossybox code: GLOSSYBOX0412 which I think is valid until the end of the month and takes the total cost to £19.95 including postage! I'll be doing another post soon on what my bag contained.

Right back to the grind - hopefully I'll manage to get some more posts up soon x

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  1. I hope the move went well, I love IKEA trips and new house bragging x


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