Thursday, 29 March 2012

Why blogging?

I'm going to do a lot of name checking here but it was actually Becca from BDP world that introduced me to blog reading. Earlier than that I'd briefly had a blog Zarfoot and Lightfoot with my friend Nazia (apologies for re-posting the link Naz...!) which we used to record the many activities we were partaking in at the time. We got bored after about three posts and then I ignored the world of blogs until Becca informed me that were other people out there that had whole pages devoted to nail varnish and eyeshadow and I was sold on the idea.

This blog isn't going to be solely based on beauty as I figured there are plenty of others out there doing it better than I could. See: Gem Fatale and Do Not Refreeze as my personal favourites.

I see it as more of a place to record any good places to eat out in Manchester (and maybe further afield) putting to good use a camera phone full of food images. I also want to link it to beekeeping which I've just started and have another work blog for: Museum and Gallery Green but also occasionally draw people to any good beauty buys I've found oh and interesting exhibitions.

So in short it's all over the place, has no theme and definitely no USP. Great.

My main concern for the blog is that it become a beast to manage. I say this because in my teens I ran a music fanzine called glampunksuicide (hence my username - I've never got round to thinking of anything else to use even though I'm not remotely glam, punk OR suicide these days) which in the end felt a bit like a chore.

No gig I went to was safe from thinking 'I should be reviewing this', the pile of demos (on tape can you believe!) had to be listened to/reviewed and I had to think of things to say about other people's fanzines when I just wanted to read them in bed! Hopefully this will be a more leisurely affair...fingers crossed.

A bit more name checking of fantastic blogs that friends have that have inspired me before I go:

Do a Barrel Roll Dave's been doing his blogging thing for ages and is brilliant at it, he's also one of the most motivated people I've met when it comes to writing. No flopping around saying 'one day I'll write a book' Dave just does it. He always seems to be filling up my Facebook with writing groups, events and blog posts - good on ya Dave!

The Diary of an RSPCA Guinea Pig Hannah basically just needs a medal for all her animal work. Not only does she help out with the RSPCA, run marathons to raise money for them, take in guinea pigs in to look after and bond she found the time to recently start this blog which is a go to for all your guinea pig needs. Awesome!

Right - more blog posts to follow x


  1. Hi Leanne,

    Thanks for your lovely words about me there! At the moment I feel like I'm hitting a fair few brick walls with the writing and blogging, but this certainly gives me the motivation to bash them down!

    And that can be what blogging is like sometimes; a test of persistance and endurance. But you've just got to see it as something pleasurable and totally individually managed and you'll love it. I used to get anxious because I didn't post as much, or as well, as some people (see my comrade in writing arms - Ben Judge: but as soon as I realised that blogging is not a competition, its just electronic word vomit, it became a much more enjoyable endeavour.

    So here's to the maiden voyage of Buzz, Beef and Beauty! hurrah!


  2. Hi Dave - thanks for the reassurance. I threw a bit of wobbler after I did my first post and started thinking; 'who do I think I am, why would anyone be interested etc etc' but then when I realised time flew by when I was working on the blog & I must be enjoying it/totally engrossed in it I decided to carry on :)

    I think my main problem is that its a bit all over the place! I don't fit neatly into either the beauty or nature or food blog worlds. However once I understand what I'm doing with blogger a bit more I'm hopeful to put it into sections so for the idle visitor who comes looking for bees they aren't drowned in reviews of moisturiser!

    Thanks once again - Leanne x


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